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3 Benefits3 Beneficial Reasons to Implement Mobile SEO

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It seems like nearly everyone has some sort of mobile device. Mobile phones help everyone stay connected in a wide range of locations. In recent years, mobile phone companies have worked to ensure these devices access the internet with ease. Many business owners took notice of the importance of mobile SEO for their websites. Here are three benefits of having a mobile friendly website.

  1. Staying Ahead of Algorithm Changes

    Statistics show that Google updates it search engine algorithms nearly 500-600 times per year. One recent update saw websites that weren?t mobile friendly get demoted in rankings. You don?t want to be the website owner baffled when their search engine marketing efforts do more harm than good. One of the most popular internet marketing tips you?ll currently hear is to get a mobile version of your website made.
  2. Access to Wide Range of Customers

    The internet has changed the way that people get information and watch content. Statistics show that 50% of mobile phone users use this device as their primary method for accessing the internet. If your website isn?t loading properly on mobile devices, you?re likely missing out on a huge portion of customers. Having a website that looks great on all mobile devices helps to ensure that consumers stick around.
  3. Possible Increase in Conversions

    Many internet marketing tips focus on increasing website conversions. If you?re selling any product or service through your website, you want conversions to be high. You?ll find conversions at increased with the help of a mobile friendly website. A website that looks bad on mobile devices will have mobile visitors backing out of the site quickly.

In summary, the importance of mobile friendly websites is something that can?t be ignored. Creating a mobile friendly website is one of the most internet marketing tips you?ll currently hear about. Statistics from a 2017 report found that 81% of marketing currently implement optimized videos for mobile customers. Every business is likely to see an increase in traffic from becoming mobile friendly. Having more web traffic likely means an increase in overall conversions. Many customers love being able to see that a company has a professional looking mobile website.

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