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3 Biggest Benefits Of Hiring A Search Marketing Firm

Affordable seo services for small business

Twenty years ago your small business probably invested in phone book ads. Ten years ago small businesses were beginning to look into online advertisements instead. Five years ago email marketing was the latest rage. Now, if your small business doesn’t have a search engine optimization strategy, then you’ve already fallen behind.

If you aren’t ranking highly on Google, then here are some facts to scare you straight: 1) 58% of U.S. consumers research businesses and services online first, 2) Three quarters of those searchers will never scroll past page one of Google search results, and 3) 70 – 80% of Web users never click on paid ads, only organic search results. A search marketing company can help your small business get onto that first page of search results where you belong.

So what exactly can a search marketing company do you for?

1. Content Marketing

If you research SEO strategies, then you’ll eventually hear the phrase “Content is King!” That’s because Google ranks quality content higher in their search results. And 92% of digital marketers say that content creation is “somewhat” to “very” effective at improving search performance. A search marketing company can help your company create compelling content that will make your site a resource for visitors.

2. Managing Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Because Google has a solid monopoly on search right now, they actually require their consumers to become certified in their advertising software. That means only qualified individuals certified by the almighty Google are allowed to use their software Adwords. If you want to place advertisements onto Google’s platforms, then a search marketing company can help you manage your PPC ad campaign.

3. Save Money

Of course, if your local SEO strategies work, then you won’t need to spend as much money on advertising. Getting onto the first page of Google is like getting free advertising, and it’s the best advertising space in the world, too.

So if you want to improve your search performance this year, a search marketing company can help you with local SEO services, PPC campaign management, and things like social media marketing besides.

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