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3 Cool New Photography Tricks to Make Your Shots Even Better

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If you want to take better pictures, you don’t need the latest and greatest equipment online digital camera stores have to offer. You need some new tricks. Here are just few of the coolest things that can be done with point and shoot digital cameras.

Use Burst Mode to Get Those Hard to Time Shots. Many point and shoot digital cameras come with something called burst mode, which takes multiple shots instead of just one. You can use burst mode to get a range of expressions, capture action scenes, and nail those hard to time photos, like pictures of people jumping.

Go on Autopilot For Better Candids. If you look through you camera’s viewfinder, you’re going to be a bit obvious about things, which makes getting a candid shot harder. Instead, try selecting your camera’s Program mode, set the drive mode to silent, pre-focus the lens manually to about five or six feet, and let it hang around your shoulder. Then, just hit the shutter button periodically to get awesome candids.

Lower Your Shutter Speed. If you want to capture motion, turn down your shutter speed, and pan with the subject as you take the shot. You want the shutter speed to be about two steps lower than what’s necessary to nail this trick. When you do, the subject is in perfect focus, but the background has striated to indicate motion. This is a really neat trick to take awesome shots of action happening.

If you want to take better shots, you’re going to need to use some cool tricks. Try setting your camera in burst mode to get a wide variety of different things. Be more subtle about things as you try to take candid shots. Lower your shutter speed and pan with the subject to take cool action shots. Try these out, and most importantly of all, have fun.

If you know of any other cool tricks people can do with their point and shoot digital cameras, feel free to share in the comments.

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