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3 Ways to Effectively Utilize Laboratory Management Software

Sample manager software

Having the right laboratory management software can be almost as important as the research and studies done. How can you learn and grow if there is no adequate way to manage and store the data? The ever expanding industry of biobank software and sample management provides a variety of options to help you sort, manage, track and keep your research accurate and efficient. Combine proper sample management with quality biobanks and ensure your research is successful in every way.

    1.) Quality of Samples In 2000 there was an estimated 300 million tissue samples in the U.S. biobanking industry and that number increases by about 20 million every year. While the quantity of samples is certainly out there, quality is just as if not more so. In 2011 47% of over 700 cancer researchers surveyed reported having trouble finding biobank samples of sufficient quality. It’s not just finding samples, it’s finding useful ones.

    2.) Reputation One way to ensure the quality of samples is high is to find reputable biobanks in the first place. Only 17% of all biobanks have been around for over 20 years. Longevity might not be the only thing, but it does signify the company has been doing something right to stick around that long. Another thing to look at is whether or not they have oversight. Most biobanks (80%) have internal oversight boards. Find out before you go into business with anyone.

    3.) Tracking The last but in some ways most important step is in tracking patient and disease conditions. In 2015 there will be over a million new cancer cases diagnosed and with the right laboratory management software scientists, researchers, and medical professional can track and monitor all of them for better results. Millions of people with cancer histories are alive and well and perhaps their cases can offer new solutions or ideas in the medical field.

No matter what specific area in the medical field the importance of working efficiently and up to high standards is of the utmost importance. Setting yourself up with the right tools and means is tantamount to success in such a fast-paced, high-stress environment.

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