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4th Grader Uses Cyber Security Project to Prove People Are Susceptible to Viruses

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Even Robertson, a kid from Prlugerville, Texas, flaunts his multiple ribbons, banners and awards he won at his fourth grade science fair. He took first place at his elementary school and won the gold prize at the Austin Regional Science Fair.

According to WAVY, Evan was even invited to a national conference to speak about his project in San Antonio. His project: cyber security protection.

“My name is Evan Robertson. I love cats and candy a lot,” Robertson told a crowd of more than 300 at DEF CON in Las Vegas, one of the largest hacking conferences in the entire world, before his PowerPoint presentation about cyber security.

Evan’s father, Ian, who also works in cyber security, assisted the 10-year-old by programming a mobile Wifi hot spot. The terms and conditions to Evan’s hot spot stated that user’s who access this hot stop will provide personal information and data that can be used “any way we want” and gave permission to even read and respond to any email.

“You should not connect to this, it could be dangerous,” said Evan.

“My hypothesis was more than 50%, Evan added, thinking that at least half of the people who accessed the device would accept the terms and conditions after bringing the mobile hot spot to three public locations.

“When you’re out at the mall,” Ian Robertson said, “you don’t know who’s controlling this [device].”

Evan wants to continue in the cyber security field like his dad.

“You need to be more careful,” the 10-year-old said, to the entire online world.

Sadly, Evan’s project in various malls and department stores reflects the online business world today. Too many businesses and employees are oblivious to the things they are doing on the Internet and it ends up costing millions of dollars for companies.

Along with just, in Evan’s words, being more careful, companies need to also be proactive when it comes to their data and information. Organizations should utilize quality cloud computing services, data backup and disaster recovery plans. voip-is-finally-poised-to-eliminate-traditional-communications-56873″ Title=”For more information related to Learn cloud computing”>Cloud computing services, if done correctly, can prevent hackers from accessing your important information, prevent any potentially damaging viruses from ruining your company and can ensure safe storage and backup of your data.

Be sure to do plenty of research before consulting with a company that offers cloud computing services and be very careful with everything you do on the Internet.

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