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5 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Follow

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For some, creating a PowerPoint presentation is they key to landing a good sale or getting your point across to many in your company. It is important that your presentation has quality PowerPoint graphic design along with professional PowerPoint graphics in order to make your presentation clear to everyone. Here are some PowerPoint presentation tips that will help you secure that deal.

1. You have full discretion over your presentation, and do not let the system do everything for you.

Just because PowerPoint has a lot of tools, does not mean you actually have to use them all. Some things to consider include:

Making sure your theme matches your needs before you use the templates.

Using a unique font to make your presentation stand out and be bold.

Cut back on bullets. Sometimes you don’t need them, and they can overwhelm a page.

Don’t leave things in their default blue. Everyone has seen these PowerPoint presentation graphics before, so make your graphics unique in order to stick out.

2. Go for custom sized slides.

You do not have to be stuck with the default size of slides. Change things up a bit and create your own sized slides to add some variety, and you’ll have a PowerPoint graphic design that will stick out from your competitors.

3. Keep all of your graphics aligned properly.

This is the most important detail to follow to ensure your business presentation design looks polished. You can either do this manually, or have a PowerPoint tool do it for you. Just remember, the less graphics the better, and stick with maximum of three per page.

4. Use multimedia

Movies, pictures, and sound clips are all a good way to add variety to your page. Make sure to embed these files into your presentation, and create a design that focuses on the media so it doesn’t become too awkward or stick out within the presentation.

5. Do not write too much

The whole idea behind a PowerPoint is to clarify your notes and to give you ideas to form your presentation around. You should not have paragraphs upon paragraphs on your presentation, as the viewer will not know where to look and can become confused. Stick with quick lists and form your conversation off of that, and the viewers will thank you.

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