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8 Questions to Ask When Looking for a PPC Consultant


Determining to allow a PPC company handle your campaigns can be beneficial for your site as well as for you. They have the skills and knowledge to help free up time and increase traffic and sales. Approximately 83% of leaders in companies felt comfortable with the PPC market. Utilizing the services of PPC consultants can be beneficial, but before jumping right in make sure you know the right questions to ask to pick the right one.

Free Assessments

Ask whether your PPC consultant offers a free assessment. During this assessment, they should take the time to talk with you and explain potential problems. They should recommend possible ways to improve current efforts.


During the course of steps ownership should remain with you. There should be an option allowing you to login to the account any time you want. You should be able to actively view all changes so you can discuss these changes with your consultant.


Reports should be readily available for you. These should provide you with detailed clear results for all the campaigns your consulting manager is overseeing. These reports should be available for all paid ads and paid search campaigns your consultant manages.

Length of Contract

Ask how long the contract lasts. Find out if there are penalties for breaking your contract early. Ask if there are any ramifications if you are not satisfied with the results you get from your consultant. Determine whether cost will be billed by the hour, by the job or monthly.

Contracted Work

Ask whether all the work will be performed by your PPO consultant. Find out if any of the work is contrcted out to other individuals. Knowing exactly who your are working with helps things run smoothly, especially when there are bumps in the road.

Setup Fees

Setup fees can mean different things for many people. Inquire about these fees and what they include. Make sure you completely understand what you are getting for the setup process and that the amount charged is reasonable for the work that will be done by your consultant.


Determine with your PPC consultant how many and which kinds of keywords you should be using. Lots of landing pages will require more keywords, but fewer landing pages need less keywords which focus more on relevancy. Talk with your consultant to determine whether brand keywords are significant, and whether they will increase traffic.

Negative Keywords

Whoever manages your account should have a plan for managing negative keywords. Without proper management of these money could be lost and most clicks will be negative clicks. Inquire about how often these keywords are updated.

With nearly 95% of internet users beginning with a search engine, and knowing that about 75% of those users never scroll past the first page, you can see why PPC consulting is vital. Make the right decision when it comes hiring someone by using these questions as a basic guideline.

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