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A Zebra Printer Helps Meet Asset Tracking Requirements

Zebra label printer

Every product you buy has a bar code. This is a simple tag that has information on the product including price, but can integrate any number of other details. A Zebra printer is used to print out the label so it is ready to be applied to the box. An efficient way to produce labels is important, because there are so many products stored, shipped, and sold across the United States. Transport of consumer goods across the country represents a $60 billion USD industry. There are different kinds of Zebra label printers. Many are intended to print a UPC, or Universal Product Code. This is a bar code that originally was used for streamlining product checkout in supermarkets and was used by management to track inventory. Zebra printers are items which most consumers do not think of, and the bar code itself is often overlooked by shoppers.

A Zebra printer contributes to satisfying the need for asset tracking, in which physical assets as simple as boxes of cereal are tracked through radio frequency identification and bar code scanning. After Zebra printers are used for producing the labels, the products are marked with a tag or simple bar code. The tracking information is vital to businesses that have to know how many products were sold and keep tabs on where they are. You can learn a great deal about where a product was scanned during transport, and what happened to it once it arrived at the intended destination. From a label made with a Zebra printer, information and data on objects can be captured when the code is scanned. These data are collected and organized by computers systems with software that allows the process to go on without anyone controlling it. A Zebra barcode printer can be used by a small business, while other Zebra printer models are designed for use in industrial settings.

There is no limit as to what kind of company will use a Zebra thermal printer. High volume models keep up with production demands and do not slow down the process when detailed codes need to be added. The data collection systems and the information technology that includes the different Zebra printer types and asset tracking computer systems are also applied in the food and beverage industry. All kinds of food and beverages are tracked, and data on their production and transport collected to address safety concerns and restrictions by government agencies. Business, including manufacturers and distributors, are required to include labels on their products that might be made with a Zebra label printer.

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