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Are You in the Process of Being Downsized? Recruiters Want to Talk to You Right Now

Human resource staffing

There are more than 25 million small businesses, most of which are run by a single employee, but many larger businesses find themselves looking to improve their employee retention metrics. The American employment landscape continues to shift toward a remote workforce, but talent acquisition management services can help find employees who want to make a long-term, in-person commitment. More than half of all businesses that participated in a recent survey described problems with employee loyalty and retention, and the statistics are discouraging: about 20% of all workers choose to quit new jobs within 60 days.

If your firm is undergoing a restructuring
or a planned downsizing, you could be a good candidate for HR executive recruiters. Many American workers do not realize that their management skills are marketable: if you have functioned in a training or mentoring capacity for more than six months, you could find a job that pays more than your current position. What HR executive recruiters are looking for are people with a strong commitment to staying at one job for more than 36 months, and people who have experience in a management capacity. Too many workers underestimate their skills and have trouble getting positions that make full use of their skill sets.

When a new employee is hired, the cost of training could exceed their monthly salary. Employees are in a position to ask for more vacation time and better perks, and companies realize that they have a lot of competition for qualified employees. HR executive recruiters are willing to take longer to place their candidates because a better match should equal a longer stay with their client company. If you visit a new company and find that you get along well with the recruiter and the other employees, you should be more likely to receive a permanent invitation to work there: recruiters realize that personality is a major factor in the hiring process.

In general, you should be looking for a position that makes use of your current skill set and that promises to teach you new skills. If you have managerial experience, you should look for a company that will ask you to lead, but also ask you to perform ordering and new staff training. Part of the reason for such widespread employee flight is that people want to be challenged, not just asked to repeat the same job functions they have been performing for years or even decades. On the other hand, you want to look for a job that will not expect you to take on too much responsibility: managers frequently report that they work more than 60 hours a week, a figure that can make even a generous salary offer seem less appealing.

What HR executive recruiters want to do is to match the employee with a job that they will enjoy and prosper in for at least three to five years. If your employer has referred you to a restructuring consulting firm, take the opportunity to ask for resume and job interview coaching. New input from qualified professional recruiters can be extremely valuable, and although you may be a bit discouraged to see one job end, the reality is that your next employment opportunity is right around the corner.

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