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BES Security Policy

Bes policy

BYOD policies are becoming more popular, and recent studies show two thirds of employees preferring their own device for businesses purposes than corporate assigned mobile devices. Luckily, there are mobile device management solutions for companies operating on a BYOD policy, and a Bes security policy can be compatible with this type of business model. A BES security policy allows an IT department to set specific policies that will increase the security of a company network and thousands of mobile devices. Finding how to set a BES policy is made easy by researching online. There are tons of documents going over the options people have for Blackberry mobile device management.

The first thing a BYOD policy must have is a password protected solution for mobile devices. Furthermore, it’s important to set a BES security to have the option of whipping data from lost or stolen mobile devices. Research in Motion is BlackBerry’s parent company, which is expecting BYOD policies to increase sales of the new Blackberry 10 in January of 2013. BYOD policies and a comprehensible BES security policy will allow for greater productivity and less paperwork. Billing will be performed more accurately, and a business’s workflow will be more streamlined.

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