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Cell Phone Cable Accessories Used To Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Cat6 ethernet cables

In the age of smartphones and smart televisions it seems like the possibilities are limitless. The common devices can be used to share all sorts of information. All you need are USB cables or HDMI cables and you can transfer content from one medium to another. Even if you want to share content with another person it?s as easy as plugging and unplugging the right cables to the device and there you have it. You?re sharing screens.

What if you want to connect a personal device like your cell phone to a non portable device like your television? This is nothing new and as a matter of fact there’s different methods or ways to go about it. All you need are the right cell phone cable accessories and you can connect your cell phone to your television.

Let’s look at the ways you can connect you phone to your tv using the proper cell phone cable accessories. These are useful accessories that can be found at most electronic stores.

For this wired method you won’t even need bulk USB cables that?ll get you tangled up and confused about which end to plug in. All you need is Mobile High-Definition Link cable or an MHL. This method calls for the use of your phone?s USB 2.0 cable and a highspeed HDMI cable:

There are two types of MHL cables available: active and passive MHL cables. Both of these cell phone cable accessories will work with any television that possesses the ports, but you will need an additional source of power.

Another wired method is the use of slimports which works just as well as the MHL cables. These cell phone cable accessories like the MHL can also output the signal to DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort. There?s also the added flexibility given that slimports are much smaller and easier to store. Either wired method will work just fine.

As technology starts to get more and more advance year after year the use of cell phone accessory cables are getting less and less popular. Better and more convenient wireless options are not available. If you would like to connect your phone to your tv with the wireless method, all you need is a Miracast and Google Cast.

These wireless accessories are relatively inexpensive and has no need for you to purchase additional cell phone cables for an additional power source. Another plus side to using the wireless method is that you have the ability to choose what is shared and displayed on your television. Regardless of which method you choose, following these tips will ensure that you a pleasant experience. Choose which ever method is more convenient or cheaper for you.

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