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Chicago shop delivering flowers with a side of charity

February is a busy month for florists. The florists that were portrayed in this video began preparing for February weeks in advance. Many customers on Valentine’s Day will already benefit from the work that the florists did throughout January and February.

However, this particular flower business also gives a full quarter of its profits to various charitable causes. These are local charitable organizations, and they’re received more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars from this floral bouquet business.

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It would be impressive for any business to give away such a large portion of its overall profits. However, this is still a comparatively new business that has only been operating for six years. The owners of the floral bouquet business were also enrolled college students when they initially launched the organization. It was a project that they began on the side. They may never have imagined that it would be this successful, or that it would have this much of a beneficial and positive effect on so many other individuals.

This business has helped a lot of people with its charitable donations, and it’s only gotten more successful with time. They now have a pop-up store that’s open in February , making it even easier for people to purchase floral bouquets here.

Pop-up stores have helped a lot of businesses earn more money during different holiday seasons. Some specific stores that sell costumes for Halloween are often available throughout the month of October only.

The demand for floral bouquets is much less seasonal in nature than the demand for Halloween costumes, of course. However, it’s clear that these bouquets are particularly popular in certain seasons.

Pop-up stores are very efficient, since they’re only available when they’re truly needed.

It takes energy and resources to run any store. Businesses will certainly spend a lot of money on just keeping a given store open. If that store would be particularly helpful for a specific holiday or event, it should certainly be accessible at that point.

Maintaining the store at that location for a significantly longer time period may prove to be unnecessary. The fact that ths store avoids operating in that manner has certainly helped it become more successful. This flower shop also has more money available for charity as a result.

Plenty of organizations would like to offer more support to different charities. However, they aren’t able to afford to do so. This flower shop has been able to donate such a large amount of money because of their committment to philanthropy and because of their excellent business practices.

Some florist point of sale software might help some similar organizations become more successful. This business is already helping to inspire many other florists.


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