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Choose Your Server Hosting Company Wisely

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Cloud computing has boomed in recent years, with more companies looking to the internet to house their data, instead of dedicated servers. There are still about 50 million physical servers globally, but these servers are fast fading into something of the past, while about 32% of Americans believe cloud computing is where the future of IT is headed.

But not all cloud solution providers are created equal. Every company has specific needs, and their business phone systems and computer networks require a particular bandwidth and storage capability.

Here are a few ways to choose the best server hosting company for your business.

  1. Customer Service. While the cloud can be highly beneficial, it also comes with hiccups that can create costly downtime for your company. For this reason, a server hosting company should be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone or email for any issues. Before you pick one, check its ratings for customer service, and see if its response time has received any complaints.
  2. Fast Loading Time. Studies show that the average internet user waits no more than three seconds for a website to load. If it doesn’t load in that time frame, they are more likely to leave the page in search of a site that does load quickly. Consequently, when picking the best server hosting company, test its loading speed. You can do this by going through the start>run>command route, and checking how long a ping, or message, takes to run. An average of 80 milliseconds is ideal.
  3. Domain Name Email. It is also advantageous to create an email that has your domain name in it, as this will help customers or online visitors recognize any promotional emails that you send out. Also, when you are able to send out an email that has “your name@your website.com,” it usually looks much more professional.

The right hosting company will make your company’s website more credible, and also allow your business to function with minimal hassle. It may take a while to pinpoint which company will match your business perfectly, but the search will be worth it. Find out more at this site.

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