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Computers Stacked in Server Racks

Server rack

A number of computers can serve as servers for websites if they are dedicated for that purpose. These dedicated computers are installed in a cabinet that has a framework in which you can stack several computers and use them for servers. They call the cabinet a server rack because it is a place to stack the computers in a way that resembles a rack. Instead of a tower server, a server rack is one that has a low profile enclosure in which different low profile computers can be stacked on top of each other to conserve space. Server racks do not have to take up much room. You can put one in a closet for instance. However, careful attention to the heat in the space the server rack is necessary. Temperature controls in an area where a server rack is a critical need for server racks and the rack has to have good air flow and air circulation under, behind and above it.

As computers generate heat, they need a special cooling system in place to avoid heat build up which can affect the servers. Storage temperatures must be always kept very cool for optimum performance. A cool area is absolutely essential. Businesses of all kinds use server racks for their operating systems. If your business is going to use its own servers, look for server racks that are big enough to allow for extra room for future expansion if you are expecting your business to grow. This will also help save money in the future, as you will not have to transfer to other server devices in other racks as your business expands.

There are various cabinet sizes available for server racks. The 19 inch wide rack in a mount cabinet is the standard to look for. The height measurement for server racks is listed in units and identified by the letter “U”. One U equals 1.75 inches. Be sure you order server cabinets in the right height for the number of computers you will be storing in your computer racks. So for instance, a 25U server rack can hold up to 5 computers. That way you can also determine the number of shelves you will need. Remember, make sure the cabinet you buy has adequate airflow. For more help on choosing the right size, talk to a sales representative today.

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