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Do Not be Online Unprotected

Competitive software

It is no secret that the internet is how all companies do business today. In fact in 2010 there were over 95 countries that had at least one million internet users. Are your employees using the internet safely at work? If they are online unprotected it exposes your corporate IP address and identity to any website you visit. Your corporate privacy is important.

You want to be able to block companies from tracking your company. However, did you know that tracking activities are legal and monitored by the Federal Trade Commission? Competitive analysis is the ability to track how your opponents are doing in business and if you do not have Ip address privacy or online privacy software then your opponents will be using competitive analysis to figure out how to track and beat you.

Your management privacy is not just important on your computers and laptops but also your smartphones. According to a NetMarketShare study, iOS based smartphones and tablets account for almost 60 percent of all mobile internet browsing during October of 2012. Android based devices were used over 27 percent of the time for mobile internet usage in the same time period.

With your company on the internet all the time are you sure you have brand protection? Brand protection is implementing securities that focus on your business keeping its reputation and good name secure. With competitive analysis happening on a regular basis, you want to make sure your company is protected from your competition finding out where your employees are looking online and how they use the internet to work for your company.

In our current economic climate of intense corporate competition you want to use competitive analysis to your advantage and not let the “other guys” use it against you. Every advantage is the difference between you profiting and you going out of business. Use brand protection and competitive analysis to protect your company, your people and your reputation.

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