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Enhance Your Customer Loyalty with the Best Hotel Management Software

Hotel front desk software

When you have loyal customers, they are more likely to visit your hotel or bed-and-breakfast for years to come. They are also more likely to write positive reviews and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to stay at your hotel as well.

Since you want each and every one of your guests to have a positive experience, you do your best to ensure that they do. After all, your business is referred to as the “hospitality” industry . . .

So, how does a business create customer loyalty? By providing an excellent customer experience! When you anticipate what type of information or services that your existing and prospective customers expect, need, or prefer, it is considerably easier to provide.

In addition to cost and location, for example, bed-and-breakfast customers tend to consider the following when making their final decisions:

  • Consumer reviews: 50%
  • Photos: 47%
  • Recommendations from friends: 46%
  • Flexible cancellations policy: 43%
  • Ability to book online: 43%

When you have the best hotel management software, which includes hotel front desk software and hotel reservations software, you are increasing your chances of filling up those rooms. Even though the average no-show rate may be 10% daily, you may discover that this doesn’t apply to you.

When searching for travel-related information, 53% of your prospective customers will use their mobile devices. These individuals tend to engage in a minimum of 17 research sessions prior to completing their travel arrangements.

It’s interesting to note that travel category mobile queries have recently increased by over 50%. While 46% of these individuals will choose where they want to stay based on these inquiries, they will move to another device, such as their desk or laptop computer, to actually complete the booking arrangements.

While a business can lose customers as the result of a variety of situations, the top reasons are due to customers feeling poorly treated or the company’s failure to solve an issue in a timely fashion.

Research from CEB shows that customer loyalty is multi-faceted. It was found that when customers needed to expend a “high” effort to solve an issue, they were 96% more likely to be disloyal. When customers are disloyal, it usually equates with poor reviews, a lack of recommendations, and other undesirable actions.

A 2011 Harris Interactive RightNow report indicated that 86% of customers discontinued doing business with a company due to a “bad” customer experience. It’s interesting to note that when customer loyalty is in place, it can bring an increased average profit of between 25% and 100% for each customer

How is customer loyalty established? You can begin to learn just how to create or enhance your customers’ experience by speaking with hospitality software companies. Since they are aware of the latest trends in hotel industry technology, hospitality software companies can find the best possible hotel management solutions for your business.

Since you want your customers to return to your hotel or bed-and-breakfast for years to come, learn more about the the services available to you through hospitality software companies. Be sure to ask them about including technology in hotel rooms, too, so that your customers can go online to post that positive review.

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