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Do You Have Everything You Need to Cover All Audio Visual Needs?

Whether you want to improve your home audio and visuals, your business needs a boost, or your church is ready to update everything you need concerning audio visual needs is going to come down to HDMI. Innovative HDMI is the future when it comes to magnificent resolutions reaching up to 10K with broader AV bandwidth.

The Revolutionary HDMI 2.1 Cable

Introducing the HDMI 2.1 cable which brings forth a ton more bandwidth when compared to venerable cable. When you want to make meetings more dynamic, gatherings more appealing and take gaming to a whole new level it’s time to invest in HDMI 2.1. New cables will give you the opportunity to enjoy new features that surpass all of your current audio visual needs. Do you have your eye on 8K televisions? Then HDMI 2.1 8K is in your future.

What Exactly Is an Ultra-High-Speed HDMI Cable?

An ultra-high-speed HDMI cable first and foremost complies with stringent specifications that have been designed to guarantee support for video modes in high resolution including 8Kp50/60 and 4Kp50/60/100/120 as well as newer features for VRR and eARC. These new cables exceed requirements for the newest international EMI standards and reduce the likelihood of any interference with Wi-Fi services. This makes ultra-high-speed HDMI cables ideal for all of your business’ audio visual needs.

Gamers Get Ready to Plug In

With 10K televisions not quite hitting the market yet, the HDMI 8K 120Hz cable is perfect for supporting gaming consoles like the XBox One and PS4 PRO that come with advanced features including Game Mode VRR offering a variable refresh rate. Get ready to game better, harder and with the newest HDMI cable that fits all of your gaming audio visual needs.

Highlight Church Services and Programs with Innovative Audio and Visuals

It may not seem like it, but churches continue to adopt new technology. Currently, 77.32% of churches use social media platforms like Twitter, while 98.97% use Facebook. Innovation comes in many forms to fit audio visual needs and is particularly useful to churches who want to continue to attract the young and old alike. Provide video with higher resolutions and refresh rates with an increased 48Gbps and uncompromised HDR using HDMI Specification 2.1.

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