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Forum Ratings Help You Decide What Forum to Belong To

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Do you have an opinion? It can be any opinion at all, from politics to sports to cooking to ikebana. Whatever it is, an online forum can be the best way to express your opinion on any subject. Knowing how to get great forum ratings are tricky, for not all forums follow the same rules. On top of that, there is no forum rating forum directory out there to compare forums. Nevertheless, there are a few things you could look out for to determine your own forum rating.

The first thing to remember when constructing your forum rating is, of course, what the topic is. This matters not only to you, but potentially to what kind of people post on the forum. For instance, many forums sponsor massive role playing games, along with opinion forums. These forums tend to have a different breed of poster than the ones that are strictly opinion. So when constructing your own forum rating, ask yourself what the purpose of each forum is.

The second thing to remember for an internal forum rating is how the forum is moderated. Most forums have systems in place to guard against libel, as some countries, like the UK, allow non citizens to file libel suits, even if the alleged libel has nothing to do with the UK. That said, good moderation can go even farther. Moderators can keep the tone civil, and can generate great discussion. If they are too heavy handed, though, they can be stiffing. Bear this in mind when developing an internal forum rating.

Finally, see what rules each forum posts. This overlaps with moderation, but rules assume a degree of self moderation. As always, one must look for rules against libel, which is expensive no matter where you live. One should also look for rules on what can be posted, and what cannot be. Oftentimes, clear rules mean the forum administrator is vesting you with trust.

Forum ratings can be difficult, and take research. That said, good forum ratings can also be useful. So if you are interested in ascertaining your forum ratings, just shop around.

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