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Four Powerful Modules to Improve Your Drupal Custom Website Development

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Drupal is an increasingly popular content management system. According to W3Techs.com, the Drupal content management system is used by 5.3% of all websites. Most notably, large companies and government bodies rely on Drupal custom design to make their websites attractive and useful for their visitors. Everything from the website for the House of Representatives to the official page of the White House runs on Drupal designs, according to Drupal.org.

If you’re thinking of developing a new webpage, there are few better content management systems on the market than this. As Computer World suggests, Drupal CMS development is popular because it is a powerful, reliable system with a burgeoning developer community. Because of this community of Drupal developers, this CMS offers some of the highest customizability of any content management system. With over 18,000 Drupal custom modules available, developing a website through this CMS means having the ability to build a custom page to fit all of your needs, whatever they are.

Four of the Best Drupal Custom Modules Available

  1. Metatag
  2. Metatag, as the name implies, is a Drupal custom module that allows developers to configure page titles, descriptions, canonical tags, and all other meta information to improve a website’s search engine optimization. This module streamlines the process of optimizing meta information, helping to ensure you draw more traffic to your site, according to Rana Prathap’s “10 Must Have Drupal Modules.”

  4. If you’ve ever worked with Drupal before, you know how frustrating it can be to have to write custom SQL queries to pull anything from your database. Views, as CodeKarate.com points out, allows you to easily display lists of different content, whether it’s images, product listings, or blog posts. This is one of those Drupal modules that will save you a lot of time and frustration.

  5. Backup and Migrate
  6. As a developer, you no doubt realize how important it is to constantly backup your website. According to MediaCurrent.com, there are few better Drupal custom modules for backing up your site than Backup and Migrate. You can use the module to schedule automatic backups, but you can also use it to dump your database, making it far easier to migrate your page.

  7. Webform
  8. Webform is a powerful tool for easily creating forms for your visitors to fill out, especially if you’re a novice web developer. Whether you need to create online application pages, a landing page for disseminating marketing information, or any other form, Webform will let you build it and publish it without any hassle.

Did we miss anything? What are some of your favorite Drupal custom modules? Let us know in the comments.

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