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Four Tips for Effective Corporate Website Development

Define inbound marketing

Have you been wondering what the most important tool is for generating great inbound marketing and gaining access to the growing amount spent online annually? It’s your website. Your website is literally the gateway to the two billion people Internet World Stats estimates use the web everyday to connect with friends, study, work, and shop. In total, according to Forbes, eCommerce reached $262 billion in 2013 and will reach an estimated $440 billion by 2017. If you want to tap into the growing river of revenue, you have to focus on your corporate website development. Here are four simple ways to improve your corporate website development in a short amount of time.

Make Sure Your Website is Usable
Jacob Gube writes in “7 Best Practices…” about the importance of having a usable website. As it turns out websites with poor usability, even if they offer high-quality goods and services, are less likely to result in a purchase from visitors. In fact, the majority of web users won’t return to your website if they can’t read your content, navigate your page, or easily make a purchase. Improve your corporate website development for improved usability by:

  • Using lists and bolded headings to make it easier for readers to skim content.
  • Using a limited amount of imagery. Too many images can slow your site’s loading time. Too few equals boring design.

Offer Safe, Accessible Payment Tools
Cybercrime is a growing concern, both for consumers and businesses. According to a recent study by Symantec, Americans lose $114 billion a year as a direct result of cybercrime. Subsequently, people shopping online are increasingly looking for payment solutions that make it safe and simple for them to make a purchase. Many payment firms, like Paypal, offer pre-built payment solutions that you can work into your corporate website development. However, if you want the best, you should consider hiring a professional website development firm who can build a custom payment processing portal for you.

Don’t Neglect Responsive Design
Mobile users are the fastest growing market of web shoppers. Statistics from Internet Retailer show that mCommerce grew by 67% in 2013. Despite the importance of reaching this market, a staggering 73% of mobile shoppers say they’ve experienced a poorly optimized mobile website, leading them to look elsewhere for their shopping needs. As CIO, a web-based tech magazine, suggests, using responsive design in your corporate website development means you can build a webpage that will work across all platforms, mobile and traditional.

Remember that SEO and Web Design Are the Same
It used to be that search engine optimization and web design were two completely different fields. However, as web marketing has evolved, the line between them has blurred. WebDesignLedger writes that making smart decisions in corporate website development can improve SEO, the usability of your site, and more. Some examples of SEO design methods include:

  • Writing well-notated, descriptive website code. Since keywords in code can be indexed, this is a powerful tool for improving SEO visibility.
  • Avoid overusing keywords in content and website code. High keyword densities will result in Google penalizing your site in search results.

Your corporate website development is the key to building a website that generates revenue. If you’re struggling to implement these design tips, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professional web development firms exist to optimize company websites, like yours, and bring you into the future of business.

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