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HIPAA Compliant Emails and the Medical World

Hipaa sms

HIPAA compliant emails seems like it would be more secure than HIPAA texting but how secure is texting? For that matter, how secure is email? Doctors and clients want a secure email provider and secure email service. Mobile medical technology is developing quickly and has become one of the most important areas of development in providing HIPAA compliant communication between physicians. Some doctors are HIPAA compliant email providers in that they share a patient’s secure medical information over and through the email.

HIPAAs intentions were to make health-care and medical information standard across multiple providers including HIPAA compliant emails. Other HIPAA related needs that need to be taken into account when choosing a mobile health app are emergency access and security, backup, and archiving. A health care provider must take into consideration the threat that is posed by texting or HIPAA compliant emails of Protected Health Information (PHI) and evaluate their HIPAA compliance policy.

The use of software and mobile tools to push collaboration and share information between patients, their medical care providers and other interested groups is known as “Health 2.0.” Health 2.0 can include concepts such as mobile health apps, telemedicine, electronic medical records, and more. Health 2.0 is the new wave of software coming into existence into the medical world and the medical world embracing it through HIPAA compliant emails.

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