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How Internet Phone Services Saves Businesses Money while Improving Convenience

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To say that communication is the key to success in business, whatever type of company you run, is an understatement of mammoth proportions. As The Sunday Times writes, being able to communicate properly is the key to fostering business relationships, being seen as a leader in the workplace, and increasing your bottom line. One of the most important ways businesses communicated in the past was with their office phone systems. However, as any managed service provider can tell you, the time for land-line telephones has long since passed. Now is the time for internet phone services.

What Are the Benefits of Using Internet Phone Services?

  • Huge Savings
  • According to BusinessWeek, the average business spends $68 a month for every employee they need to provide with telephone service. This cost includes hardware, data usage, and other hidden costs that so frequently come with traditional and mobile telecommunications. However, according to About.com, using a voice over internet protocol internet phone service, VOIP, can save businesses as much as 90% on their monthly phone bills. After all, the only costs for using internet phone services are the internet bill and any third party software you might use to improve your service.

  • Easy Conference Calls
  • Whereas before, when conference calls were basically a test of who could speak the loudest and the fastest to get a word in, internet phone services, according to TechRepublic, allow businesses to easily silence each conference participant until they use a “hand-raising” signal, helping to keep meetings succinct and civilized.

  • Business Agility
  • The Houston Chronicle argues that the biggest benefit of using an internet phone service is the agility it can grant your business. Consider, traditional office telephone services require each and every employee to be in the same office, if not in the same room, to take part in conference calls or just run of the mill sales calls. However, with internet phone services, if you have a laptop, tablet, or certain kinds of smartphones, you can participate in the conversation, wherever you are.

Like most modern technology, internet phone service is dependent on you having an internet connection at all times. However, barring weather, technical failures, or being in the middle of nowhere, internet phone services represent an important step forward in telecommunications technologies businesses can use to save money and improve their business as a whole. References.

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