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How iPhone Security Is Shaping Business Policy

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It is important to make sure that your iPhone security solution is capable of meeting and exceeding your needs, especially if you are a business which has a policy of bringing your own device into the workplace. While this can help businesses to save money, it can also open you up to security vulnerability possibilities and scenarios. That is why having the right iphone management systems in place may be crucial for businesses of any size, and should be something to consider with recent trends in mobile devices and their proliferation.

Media tablet sales have reached 19.5 billion units sold in 2010, and the number continues to grow. As more employees are using mobile devices both during and after work hours, the need for iPhone security becomes increasingly imprortant, especially for businesses which may allow for access to corporate email and servers while employees are outside of the office. Measures like the AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm began in 1998, and became officially adopted by the United States in 2001 as a solution widely regarded for its unbreakable quality. Algorithms and security measures like encryption are vital for iPhone security solutions, and just part of what you will get when you choose to make sure you have the right security solution in place. Although Apple has a free tool known as Configurator which can allow users to configure up to 30 iOS devices at the same time, it may not be enough if you need to make sure that the iPhone security solution on your network can handle hundreds, or even thousands of devices at once.

Solutions like patch management software may be a much more comprehensive solution, especially if you are dealing with any possibility of trojans and viruses which may exploit unpatched or outdated software. Desktop Management Interface, or DMI, or the industry framework for the hardware and software management of the BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, business model. Great patch management solutions integrate this with your iPhone security to make sure that are as few conflicts as possible, so that operations are not hindered and remain secure. According to a Feb 2012 survey by Enterasys, 74 percent of companies allow some level of BYOD usage. iPhone security is an absolute necessity for the market as it moves forward, and mobile device management software is a part of the overall solution businesses need.
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