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How Much Heat Do Electric Heaters Transmit

In this video, you will learn about electric heaters. It can be tricky to understand the kind of heat that is given off from electric heaters. They have a few different components that make them different from regular heaters.

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In a panel heater, this is a film of water. As the water is heated, convection heats the film. When this type of heater is drawing current, it draws a ton of electricity. An oil fill electrical heater heats by convection heating the oil, and then the oil heats the room. When the oil is on, it can heat the full room. The heater only draws the amount of current that it needs to heat the room. How much electricity does it actually use? If it is operating for eight hours a day, it is using six KW an hour. It is still cheaper and more effective to use oil to heat our home. However, electric heating is the future. With the use of electricity as a renewable energy source, oil is soon becoming less and less popular to heat our homes. In the long run, it costs less to use oil to heat our homes. Though, it should be known that it is more eco-friendly to use electric heaters over oil heaters.

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