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How to Make a Minecraft Server Private

Nowadays, many people like playing online games. That means they need a safe place to play their favorite game without worrying about being hacked or stealing their personal information. This video will show you how to make a Minecraft server private.
There are several ways to make a Minecraft server private. One of these ways is to run a server on your own computer.

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This means installing the game into a separate computer or device. Another option is to use a remote hosting service such as Microsoft Azure. Hosting a server can give you a unique opportunity to play with other players worldwide. However, Minecraft private server hosting can be dangerous because someone could easily hack or crash it. Therefore, it is essential to secure your server.
To make your Minecraft server private, you must create a whitelist. It allows only those players that you add to your whitelist to connect to the server. That prevents anyone from connecting to your server, keeping it private and secure.
Private servers are great because they provide a safe place where players can connect and play together without worrying about being attacked by other players.

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