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How to Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable

24 hour chairsIf you have a business, you’ll eventually want to rent an office. This is a big step to take, so it is important that you are careful. Make sure that you know your budget. An office in the city might sound great, but if it is too expensive it will eat into your profits. In the beginning, you’d be better served to look for cheap commercial space for rent near you. This might mean cheap office suites or co-office space for rent where you share it with another business. This can be a good way to get started. Eventually, you might be able to move into a better space while still making enough money for your business to be successful.

If you’re renting your first office, you need to be careful. Look for cheap space for lease and make sure that everything is done legally. Don’t fall victim to any scams, you might end up losing money without getting the office space you need. However, if you do your research and pay attention to what you need to do, you’ll be able to find an office that works for you.

Chances are those cheap office chairs you have to sit in all day aren’t doing your back any favors. “Desk hunch” is a common problem throughout the country, and is one of the many different musculoskeletal disorders that cause 650,000 people to miss work. There is good news though. Even if your office refuses to invest in the best office chairs for back pain, you can still do a few things with those cheap office chairs to make them more comfortable.

Here are a few ways how.

Adjust the Seat.

Before doing anything, sit down in the chair, and rest against the backrest. The seat should support most of the thighs without putting pressure on the knees. Basically, people should be able to fit their fists between the back of their knees and the chair. Now, adjust the cheap office chairs’ height so that the thighs are parallel to the ground. If your seat is too low, then you’ll feel less pressure in the knees and more pressure in the buttocks.

Fix the Backrest.

To adjust the backrest properly, first lower it, and then raise it slowly until it’s in a comfortable spot. Also, it’s a safe bet that those cheap office chairs don’t have lumbar support, which is important to prevent back pain. If they don’t, there are lumbar pillow inserts that can be purchased to do the job.

Move the Armrests.

If the cheap office chairs’ armrests are too high, then they’ll put arms in an awkward position. If the armrests are too low, it might cause slouching or leaning. It’s best to lower the cheap office chairs’ armrests so that your elbows hang as you type, but raise them high enough so that they’re about an inch or two below where they’d naturally be if you let your arms hang at the sides.

And that should do it! If you have any questions about making your offices’ cheap office chairs comfier, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful research also found here.

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