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I’m Worried About Data Loss Who Should I Turn To?

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Looking into computer repair? If you haven’t overhauled your systems recently, it’s time to give them a look — the world is moving fast and you can easily get left in the dust if you’re caught without IT managed services or providers. Even the basics of composing a proper website and setting up a reliable server can be easily to neglect in the face of rapidly evolving technology and expectations. Where does one even get started? If you’re thinking of giving your business a makeover, look no further than the tips and statistics below on computer repair and IT services.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with a few facts. Did you know that nearly 9% of users do not reuse their passwords? That number is frighteningly small, considering passwords are one of the few things standing between you and potential hacking and fraud. It’s the main reason why third-party software and companies suggest you shake up your passwords, to minimize individual hacking attempts on your end. Despite the vast majority of businesses and freelancers alike relying on websites to push their brand, a lot of them get tripped up on basic necessities like security and good design. Why is this?


A good website tells your potential customer everything they need to know in a few seconds or less. While that doesn’t sound like much of a window, the unfortunate reality of a saturated digital market is the sheer volume of competitors also clamoring for their attention! You’ll want to hire a skilled graphic designer to give your website and associated media, such as advertisements and brochures, the visual polish needed to catch a person’s eye and get them to stick around. When the average customer will click the back button because of an intrusive advertisement or a page that takes too long to load, you truly want to put your best foot forward when you can! This is only one part of the equation, however, as data loss is one of the great fears of any successful campaign.

Data Loss

One of the most frustrating aspects of computer repair is dealing with the omnipresent risk of data loss. The side-effect of a globalized digital industry are the million and one ways your data can be breached and compromised at any given day — this includes, but isn’t limited to, stolen passwords, hacked websites and unreliable servers. Data loss resulting from a malicious or criminal attack, for example, yielded the highest cost at an average of $246 per compromised record! This is followed by system glitches and employee mistakes, at $171 and $160, respectively.


Security is at the forefront of every business’ mind, small or large. IT services are designed from the ground up to give companies peace of mind as they go about their day-to-day business, from providing around-the-clock support to offering computer repair services should something go wrong. Cloud services have proven popular with industries ranging from health to public service, allowing companies with hundreds of workers to better organize their resources and update them regularly. IT services for small businesses and corporations alike stand to benefit mightily from a good cloud service and they can be implemented throughout your working hierarchy in no time at all.

Computer Repair

There’s no reason to lag behind when you’ve got a veritable bounty of resources available at your every beck and call. Computer maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis due to the frequency of technological updates and various ways your security and data can be lost or compromised. If you’re looking to increase productivity and workflow, consider adding a cloud service to your business proceedings. For those concerned about security, look no further than IT managed services providers. They are the definition of a digital swiss army knife, offering you the tools you need to tackle problems as they arise. Technology knows no bounds and neither should you — go out and grab success by the horns!

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