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Improve Your Employee Performance and Bottom Line by Properly Managing Your Cables

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When you opened your business, you probably did not think much about how you would manage all of the cables that you need to get your computer network running and keep all your devices talking to each other. Every business out there relies, on some level, on a variety of kinds of cables from Cat5e cables and Cat6 cables to bulk USB cables to keep the data flowing and then there are all of the power cables to keep the electricity doing what it needs to do. Just thinking about all of the details of properly cabling an office can be overwhelming. A good cable management system can make all of the difference and, believe it, save you time in the long run.

A good cable management system can keep your employees organized and effective. Your staff may not tell you this but when there are a mess of cables under and around their desk, it takes more time to deal with the technology they need to do their jobs. These cables look a lot like a bunch of snakes all curled up around each other. Buying bulk USB cables probably saved some money at the time but now the excess cable, unless managed properly, can take up valuable space and become a safety hazard.

Cables can cause safety issues.

While Cat5 cables and above can last between five and ten years, they can also cause problems. You need to maintain your cables, which is really more an issue of protecting them from being punctured or frayed. When cables start to come apart and fray, they can cause fires. You discount this hazard at your own risk. Even cell phone power cables can cause fired. There were about 54,000 home fires in 2008. These were caused by cell phone power cords that had frayed. Five hundred people lost their lives as a consequence. Another 1,400 people were injured and these fires causes $1.4 billion in damage to property.

That is the worst case scenario when it comes to bad cables. A more common problem is people tripping over lose bulk USB cables. As a business owner, it is your job to keep your workplace safe for the people who work for you. It is all too easy to trip, fall and be injured when there are lose cables around the office. This is not just bad news for the person who trips but opens you up to costly lawsuits. You can cover cables with covers to prevent tripping and you can tack the cables to the floor or wall. These are simple steps you can take to protect everyone. They also prevent your cables from being damaged by being crushed. This really is important for your business.

Happier employees are more productive.

Most people who work in an office have had the experience of getting frustrated with the cable situation. No one enjoys spending even a small part of their day untangling cables or trying to discover what cable goes to what.

One great solution for the latter problem is to use a color coded system. On each end of your bulk USB cables, put a color sticker. Blue can be for printers, for instance, then when your staff is trying to find what cable handles what task, it is much easier.

Labeling everything will make finding the right cable for the job that needs to be done a lot easier. When your staff are digging through their cables, having a color coded system will save time and cut down on their frustration.

Good cable management will save you money.

Not only will you have a more organized office space to work in but you will save money. By keeping your bulk USB cables organized and safe with the covers, you extend their lifespan. When cords are left in piles and a mess, it becomes easier for them to become damaged. A good cable management system will help you spend less on cables.

No one likes looking at a pile of cables that looks like a pile of snakes. Save your staff time and frustration and improve your bottom line by using an effective cable management system.


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