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Is Your Website Pulling Enough Traffic?

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These days, it is not enough to get your name in the town business listings directory, or even on the yellow pages advertisements, though it certainly helps. In the digital age, online search engine optimization is what you need. Consumers frequently use the internet to research companies, and make purchasing decisions. If your business is not online, then you are missing out on a critical market. There are two ways that you can get your site search engine optimized.

  • Internet marketing firms.
  • When engaging in internet marketing, your goals are to increase brand awareness, engage the customers you have, and generate leads to acquire new customers. The best internet marketing company will use a variety of techniques including link building, content creation, social media integration, on site and off site optimization, and even blogging to achieve these goals for you through natural search engine optimization. By raising your rank in search results pages a company can improve the visibility of an organization online, and that will help your business succeed in the challenging realm of staying relevant to internet users.

  • Internet advertising companies.
  • PPC, or pay-per-click is another form of internet marketing which is more strictly related to advertisement. You buy advertising space online, usually on a search engine, and only pay when users actually click through to your site. Google ad-words reports that the industry using PPC campaigns the most is the finance and insurance industry, spending four billion in 2011. Although 70% of the links that users click on are organic links, that other 30% of the market can potentially be captured by PPC.

Many companies choose to either use natural search engine optimization, or purchase higher visibility, and both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. Talk to marketing and advertising companies to get an idea of which of their techniques will be best for you and your business.

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