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Keep Your Business Booming with IT Managed Services

Help with social media

The world has been greatly expanded since the innovation of the world wide web. Businesses especially benefit from IT managed services for advertising, data sharing, and security. By using the web as a protected business tool, companies are able to rapidly adapt their marketing strategies and target a very specific client base. Here are three reasons why your company should hire IT managed services to optimize your business.

Social media sites and blogs have grown in popularity over the past decade. Today, nearly a quarter of Facebook users regularly access their account no less than five times per day, with nearly half of all Facebook users reporting that Facebook plays a greater impact on their spending than any other social media site. Nearly 95% of small businesses say that blogging is a valuable business tool that keeps businesses in contact with their customer base. Many businesses blog primarily because it increases a company’s brand recognition and expands the business’ online real estate.

SEO Optimization
Since 93% of all internet users start with a search engine, it makes sense that companies that optimize their search engine potential see more business than the competition. In contrast, those paid or sponsored advertisements on a search page are ignored by nearly 70-80% of users. IT consulting can introduce search engine optimization programs intended to advertise your business with entertaining and informative web content guaranteed to show up as a forerunner on the net. Since 75% of users never bother checking the second page of a web search, it benefits your company to invest in SEO for business.

As of 2012, a staggering 87% of small businesses reported a security breach. A network security specialist can ensure that your data is protected from external and internal threats. Up to 80% of all cyber attacks come from within the organization, making IT managed services providers the first and last line of defense for your business. The U.S. government has reported a nearly 680% increase in online security breaches in the last six years due to the speed at which hackers are able to adapt. Don’t let your business become another statistic: hire IT managed services today and keep your business your business .

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