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Late Night Rings, Will Your Small Business Answer?

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Imagine relaxing at home watching the local network late night lineup, when all of the sudden there’s a loud bang in your basement and a rushing noise follows. As you quickly get up and run to the basement, the family gathers around to wait for the next move. As you step down stairs into the basement, the rushing noise only get louder and the problem is painfully obvious, the water pipes burst. The basement is quickly being flooded and sparks are flying. After rushing everyone away from the basement, you grab your phone and give a panicked call to your favorite trustworthy plumber … but there is no answer. Only a voice mail. What do you do next?

Now, imagine you are the trustworthy plumber who has to be on-site for a job at 5 am and was in bed at 9 o’clock. Your client is praying for your answer, but all he gets is a voice mail. Your favorite customer is enduring a plumbing emergency, needs your expertise and skill, yet you are fast asleep as the water continues to rush in. Sure, your customer finds another plumber, one with 24/7 answering service, but where does that leave you and your business? Will your customer call you next time he has an after hours plumbing emergency or when he needs a plumber at all? Will he tell his friends all about how your competition came to the rescue and saved his house from a disaster? Will this customer build a lasting relationship with the after hours answering plumber? All these questions and more could have been avoided if only you had a small business telephone answering service, one that is a 24 hour answering service.

There are an estimated nearly 2,000 telecommunications businesses located in the US today, in an industry that made $2.1 trillion in 2012 worldwide and $10 billion in the US. Live phone answering services can help make or break your business as an estimated eighty percent of Americans surveyed said they did not follow through with an intended purchases because of bad customer service. There’s only one thing worst than bad customer service, no customer service.

Having a small business telephone answering service is great for any business including law offices, accounting offices, HVAC, plumbing, healthcare providers and much more. Any business who will lose money by not answering the phone can benefit from having a live telephone answering service. Help make yourself stand out from the competition and offer 24/7 support with a small business telephone answering service that will put your customers at ease, and make your business the go to place for any service need.

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