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Marketing in Your Inbox

Original content blogging

It is estimated that nearly 3 billion emails are sent globally every second. That is a lot of content. With all of data filling up customers inbox, how can you ensure the message in your email newsletter gets through?

An email newsletter can be an important tool to maintain contact with your customers. Customers who have previously purchased your goods or services may be interested in hearing if you have expanded your offerings. Customers are always eager to hear about sales or promotions you may be offering, and an email newsletter is the ideal way to let them know.

Directed and useful content will ensure that your email newsletter is read, not marked as spam. It may seem like it would take a lot of work or a huge time commitment, but using automated internet marketing for small businesses take a small amount of time to get working for you.

If part of your small business marketing plan does not include an original content blog, you should start one. Blog content can even be used as the material in your email newsletter. Placing your content in customers inboxes just one more way to help your business grow and succeed.

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