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Network Repair Services Important Now More Than Ever

Network repair

What do Sony Pictures, Target, the Home Depot, and one of the largest American military forces have in common? They were all hacked. Last December, Sony Pictures made headlines after it was hacked due to the release of its controversial film, The Interview. Last year, hackers accessed considerable amounts of data from The Home Depot, including customer information. The year before that, Target lost millions of files and data to cyber criminals. Even the powerful U.S. military wasn’t immune. Last month, the Twitter and YouTube pages of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), one of the military’s largest organizations, were hacked by a cyber group known as the “Cyber Caliphate.” There are more examples of prominent, large-scale hacks but the point is this: If major Hollywood studios and a theater-level military group can’t protect itself from hackers and bolster its network repair services, who can?

A number of computer services and computer repair options are available for public and business use. You can never be too careful online nowadays. Unfortunately, there are several facts and signs that show just how dangerous the World Wide Web can be without network repair services. Here are three facts that should cause concern for any Internet user:

  1. The FBI is Worried: In 2012, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller told reporters that “down the road, the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country.” If left unconfronted, he felt, cybercrime will grow to pose a greater threat to national security than terrorism. Coming from the FBI Director, this should be cause for concern. In fact, since 2009, the federal government has experienced a 680% increase in data breaches! Along with the military, the government is well aware of the dangers cybercrime poses.
  2. Malware is All Around Us: Malware, or malicious computer software, is growing at a disturbing rate. In 2013, more than 145,000 new malware programs were created for mobile devices alone — three times the number from 2012. Social media sites aren’t invulnerable, either. More than 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked everyday, and nearly 10% of all social network users received at least one cyber-threat, if not more.
  3. Cyber Criminals Lurk Everywhere as Well: Cybercrime accounts for an unfathomable amount of financial losses. Every year, cybercrime causes more than $100 billion worth of damages. It is estimated that cybercriminals can be found in over 200 countries — i.e. in nearly every country on Earth! Most troubling, however, is that 53% of American companies are skeptical that they will be able to prevent hacking in the next 12 months.

It should be noted that IT management, IT support, and network repair are all vital services. Still, the fact remains that every user, from the humblest personal user to a giant multinational corporation, should take heed in Director Mueller’s warning — and the daily news.
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