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Personality Quiz – What Type of Camera Are You?

Shoot digital camera vs camcorder digital

If you’ve ever wondered which digital camera to buy, you want to pick one that suits your personality! Take this quiz to find out what type of digital camera is most like you!

What type of restaurant appeals to you the most?
A. Any fast-casual dining place
B. A trendy fusion bistro
C. An upscale fine dining establishment
D. A mom-and-pop diner

Your ideal home design style is:
A. Functional yet comfortable
B. Ultra-modern and sleek
C. Filled with lush textures and colors
D. Vintage and antique

Choose one of these animals to have as a pet!
A. A bunny
B. A python
C. A Purebred dog
D A Kitten

Your friends would describe you as:
A. Loyal
B. Always on the go
C. Detail-oriented
D. An old soul

Mostly A: Point and Shoot Digital Camera
You?re dependable and hassle free, just like a point and shoot digital camera. You don?t like to fuss around with unneeded accessories and you take a no-frills approach to life. You?re happy with what you have in life as long as your needs are met.

Mostly B: Smartphone Camera
Smartphone technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, and just like smartphone cameras, you?re always on the cutting-edge of what?s new and now. You may have camped out in front of a computer store the night before a product release, but we?re not judging you. The more technology you can fit in the palm of your hand, the better. When it comes to choosing a smartphone camera vs digital camera, you?re all about the ease and convenience of the smartphone and having your apps all in one place.

Mostly C: DSLR Camera
You appreciate the finer things in life and understand the importance of quality over quantity. You?re just like a DSLR digital camera! When buying a digital camera, you?re willing to pay a higher price for unmatched picture quality. You live by the old adage, “you get what you pay for” and fully believe in paying a higher price for a better, unforgettable experience. You appreciate art and film and can be found vacationing in Europe.
Mostly D: Film Camera
You, like the film camera, appreciate the simple pleasures of the bygone eras. You live by the phrase, “if it?s not broken, don?t fix it”. You appreciate strong family bonds and traditionalism. Your friends keep trying to get you to create an Instagram account, but you?re not so quick to jump on today?s technological trends. You?d much rather print out a photo on film that you can treasure for years to come.

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