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Recent Changes Have Been Made to EPA Regulations

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In 1976, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was created. What this act set out to do was regulate the way both solid and hazardous waste is disposed of. However, there have been numerous calls to update wastewater storage standards.

Many felt that the lack of updates made this standard hard for many businesses to follow. Lawmakers also felt that States had too many choices that made matters more confusing. One of the largest changes will come in the way that waste generators are classified.

The new regulations call for three categories of waste generators to be used which are very small quantity, small quantity, and large quantity generators.

  • Very small quantity generators are those that use create no more than 27 gallons of waste per month.
  • Small quantity generators make between 27 and 275 gallons of waste per month.
  • Large quantity generators create over 275 gallons of waste per month.
  • The remade quantity categories were made to help reorganize the wastewater storage categorization system. Currently, centralized wastewater collection and treatment systems are able to provide water treatment tank services to over 75% of the United States. These changes provide clarity to wastewater storage tanks.

    It was important that the lawmakers provide more clarity as to what constitutes waste. Some business owners felt that the previous regulations were unclear at categorizing waste types.

    There are over 16,000 municipal treatment facilities currently in operation. The new regulations are likely to be good news for many of these facilities. However, it is likely to take some time for these regulations for wastewater treatment containers to take full effect. The official timetable shows that these regulations will become official on May 30, 2017.

    One main aim of the changes to these older procedures was to regulate while allowing a business to grow. Some business owners feel that wastewater storage regulations are far too restrictive.

    In closing, many regulations were changed to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. This standard had not been changed since it was created in 1976. Many business owners felt that the rules and regulations were unclear and sometimes confusing. However, these new changes aim to make waste treatment effective while still allowing businesses to grow. Read more. References. Good references here.

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