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Service for iPhone Repair Can Vary Significantly from One Location to Another

Cell phone repair company

You recognized the tone in your daughter’s voice immediately. The lilting, high pitched tone was the give away. It took her a few minutes to get to the point of the phone call, but you quickly understood her hesitation. It was the third such phone call she had made in her first year and a half in college. A call to say that she had again dropped her phone and was again in need of iPhone repair.
Unfortunately, you have never convinced your husband to purchase insurance when you buy these phones, so every time your daughter needs iPhone repair you have to cover the entire cost yourself.
Amazingly, after this phone call about the third time the phone was broken, your father found a way to make a joke. “I guess we should just be glad it is not one of those phones that catches on fire and that no one is hurt.”
How Do You Decide Whether or Not to Fix a Broken Phone?
It is sometimes difficult to make the decision between an iPhone repair that can be more than $100 and a new iPhone purchase. The fact that Apple has released nine different models of the top selling iPhone sometimes make the decision easier. While it is true that an iPhone repair company can fix almost anything, it sometimes makes more sense to instead purchase a new model. For many families, the decision between fixing an older phone and purchasing a newer one is simply based on where they are in the contract. If, for instance, you are only a few months into a multiple year contract, it often makes more sense to fix the phone. If the contract is almost over, however, the cell phone repair does not seem as attractive. A new phone is purchased, and the parents, or whoever buys the phone, crosses their fingers and hopes that this time it does not get dropped!
How Many Cell Phones Have You Purchased in the Last Five Years?
A handheld electronic repair company can sometimes have a wait time of several days. For while most Americans find themselves completely dependent on their cell phones and other electronic devices, they do not seem to have mastered keeping a phone from breaking. And while a cell phone repair company is happy to take your money every time that you break your phone, it might be wise to instead buy some extra accessories from that company to make sure that the next fall does not cause so much damage.
Consider some of the facts about today’s cell phone users and their habits:

  • 101 million Americans indicate that they currently use an iPhone.
  • 50% of all Americans indicate that they sleep with their phones next to them.
  • 80% of 18-24 year olds indicate that they sleep with their phones next to them.
  • 44% of Americans indicate that they check job-related email every day even when they are on vacation.
  • 15% of Americans, between the ages 18-29, indicate that they are heavily dependent on their smartphone for online access.
  • 57% of smartphone owners indicate that they use their phone to do online banking.
  • 44% of smartphone owners indicate that they even use their phone to look up real estate listings as well as other information when they are looking for a place to live.
  • 43% of smartphone owners indicate that they have used their smartphones to search for job information.
  • 40% of smartphone owners indicate that they have used their phones to look up information about government services.
  • 30% of smartphone owners indicate that they have used their phones when they were taking a class or looking for educational content.
  • 18% of smartphone owners indicate that they have used their phones to submit a job application during their job searches.

As indicated by all of these statistics, we are a connected society. The use of our smartphones is so persistent that a growing number of us even sleep with them. When a phone screen breaks or the phone is in need of another kind of repair, it can feel like it is impossible to function. By visiting a cell phone repair store, however, many problems can be fixed within hours. These sites also sell products that to protect our devices.

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