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Several Cloud Computing Facts That Might Surprise You

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What is cloud computing? Basically, cloud systems connect multiple computers through communication networks — in most cases, the internet is the communication network. In many ways “cloud” really is slang for the internet. Businesses aren’t really being sold the network — they’re instead paying a cloud company to host their servers and store their software, platforms and infrastructure elsewhere.

The price of cloud is constantly dropping as more major players enter the market and compete for businesses. You may be considering getting cloud technology for your company. Is it the right time? Here are a few facts you should keep in mind.

Cloud Hosting Statistics You Should Know

  • By 2018, the global market for cloud is expected to reach almost $80 billion.
  • There is expected to be a 44% annual growth for cloud workloads over the next five years, compared to 9% growth for on-premise computing workloads.
  • About 80% of companies claim to save money by moving their companies to the cloud.
  • The top four industries using cloud computing are financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. About 63% of financial services companies use cloud.

Disadvantages of Cloud

There are many advantages of cloud, and it’s clear that businesses are moving more and more toward implementing it for accomplishing a variety of tasks. Cisco, a giant in the computer hardware industry, has recently pledged to spend $1 billion on becoming a cloud provider. That said, there are some disadvantages of cloud computing solutions you should be aware of.

  • Because cloud is run through the internet, your office will become dependant on the internet connection in order to run. If your internet service is less reliable and sometimes goes down, this can turn into wasted time for your company.
  • Security issues are a concern with some cloud solution providers. It’s not surprising that hackers targeting companies are looking for any opening possible, and keeping your data all on the internet presents a window of opportunity. That said, most cloud providers know about this concern and make sure to have complex data security systems in place.
  • Some cloud vendors might not provide the most flexible solutions. If you want to move back and forth applications, it might be difficult since not all cloud solutions are compatible with other applications.

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