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Six Benefits of Using Supply Chain Executive Recruiters

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Have you ever heard of supply chain executive recruiters? Your supply chain management is essential to the operations and success of your business. The strategic roles within the supply chain management line are very important for steering your company in the right direction. This is why using supply chain executive recruiters to find the right talent for your essential executive positions is a very valuable.

We understand that enlisting supply chain executive recruiters involves additional expense, and you might be wondering why you would hire a consultant to do something that your own HR team already does. And so, we put together a list of benefits of using supply chain executive recruiters.

Six Benefits of Using Supply Chain Executive Recruiters

  1. You have access to talent who wouldn’t respond to your open position.

    The best talent for your open supply chain leadership position might not be looking for a new job. Because they’re good at what they do, and they’re busy kicking butt and taking names in their current position. A recruiter makes it their business to make connections with talented people in the industry, and to get in touch with them when they find a position that would be a match made in heaven for them.
  2. The benefit to your company outweighs the cost.

    Finding the perfect candidate for your supply chain management executive role can drive your company to incredible success, and increased revenue. And the opposite is true, hiring the wrong candidate can cost your company far more than the cost of using a recruiter to avoid hiring them would have cost.

    The leadership in the supply chain management department is so important, it’s not a time to count pennies, and potentially cost yourself much more by hiring the wrong candidate.

  3. You don’t have to rely on the great candidates to come to you.

    This is one of the biggest distinctions between a recruiter and your in-house Human Resources team. A good executive recruiter doesn’t just post the open position and wait for the right people to come to them. Good supply chain executive recruiters go out and “hunt” for the right candidates for you. They’ll bring you a handful of potential candidates that all would have surpassed the candidates that come through the usual application process, and then you can choose from the creme a la creme for your open position. They don’t call them a “headhunter” for nothing.

  4. Streamline the process to create a greater chance of success.

    When you post an open executive position through your traditional channels, a lot of fish are going to take the bait. You’ll quickly have several hundred resumes to read and sort through. This process requires a lot of effort, and makes identifying the “right” candidate somewhat convoluted. It’s very easy for the best candidate to fall through the cracks.

    When you use executive search services, your supply chain recruiters collect a handful of really great candidates, which makes your job simple. Just choose the best of the best for your open position.

  5. A lower chance of turnover.
    Finding a great executive is labor intensive and difficult. The last thing you want to do is go through the trouble of hiring an executive and then discover they aren’t a good fit, so you have to start all over.

    When you identify the perfect fit for an executive position, they’ll help you grow your business, and you’ll help them grow with your business. This symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial, and makes the likelihood of them leaving anytime soon very low.

  6. Generate solutions, not just a pile of faceless resumes.

    Finding the best candidate for your supply chain position isn’t just a matter of identifying a person with the right leadership skills. The best candidate depends on the needs and requirements of your company. The first thing a good recruiter does is as you why. What needs, challenges, and goals does your supply chain management have? Answering these questions helps your recruiter identify the type of candidates that are a tailor fit your company.

When you have a supply chain executive role to fill, you can go the traditional route. You can post the position on your usual channels, and hope that the right candidate sees it and comes to you. Or you can take fate into your own hands use a recruiter.

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