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How much does your business spend on digital media? In 2015 alone, $6.8 billion was spent on various formats of digital media in the United States. The following year, the United States took the lead as the largest advertising market. Within a single year, this country went from spending $6.8 billion to spending a staggering $190 billion on digital media for advertising and marketing purposes.

A few years back in 2012, Google reported that their search engine handled a monthly total of 100 billion searches. Just imagine how many key words and terms are plugged into Google’s search box today.

Since a major portion, or 93%, of the Internet experience begins with using a search engine to conduct research or engage in other activities, the results of a study by Outbrain are not surprising. Their study showed that search is the top driver of traffic to content-rich sites. It’s interesting to note that this is 300% more than the traffic heading to social media.

That said, there is a definite connection and intricate relationship between website traffic and social media platforms. A recent survey showed that 74% of brand marketers at marketing firms noticed a significant increase in website traffic after they spent just 6 hours a week on social media. Since marketing firms are known for being Internet-savvy, it might be a good idea to make note of what they discovered.

Facebook was the top social media network that small businesses used back in 2016. When surveyed, 6% of these businesses indicated that they used social media for promotional purposes. In addition to providing coupons and other promotional offers, these businesses most likely posted invitations to complimentary webinars, newsletter sign-ups, as well as links to testimonials.

Since many individuals will share their customer experience, which includes providing links to their personal websites where they post product and service reviews, this medium can be an effective vehicle for creating and expanding business. The reverse is also true, however. This is especially the case when users post negative reviews and/or report that their customer experience was substandard.

After reading positive reviews or comments on social media sites and in other online venues, 57% of consumers during 2016 thought more highly of these businesses. This usually translates as more traffic, inquiries, and sales.

In the United States, 70% of people with online access have a social media profile. Over half of these individuals also spend time at additional networks, including special interest groups. Given that local businesses in particular depend on social media networks, it makes sense to engage in promotional activities at these sites. A recent survey showed that this was the case for 41% of local businesses. Furthermore, it appears that this also leads to increased revenue.

Advertising agencies and marketing firms will inform you, however, that social media promotional posts alone aren’t enough to increase your business website’s traffic. You also need content-rich articles and effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Whether you have a new business or have been on the scene for a while, you can increase your traffic with the assistance of an SEO specialist. Since they are aware of SEO trends as well as the latest in marketing tools, why not call today to find out more about SEO service packages? Chances are that you’ll notice a significant increase in your website’s traffic as well as new customers in a matter of weeks.

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