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Steps For Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

You want your electricity to be as efficient as possible. This can help you save on energy costs and ensure that all your outlets are safe. Here are some steps to follow for an electrical panel upgrade.

An electrician might want to start by cutting all the wires out of your electrical box. This might seem drastic, but if they can’t tell which wires are for which function, it is important to reset that.

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After that, the panel will be dismantled and can be thrown out.

Then the new box will be installed and leveled on the wall. They will create a neutral wire that connects the box to the house, using a gel to keep the wire from rusting over time. Then the cable will be inserted through a knockout, followed by all the other circuits. After all the wires are correctly connected, they should be labeled appropriately to make sure that you don’t confuse them in the future.

That is the process of your new electrical box installation. You should always have a professional perform electrical work in your home. Call an electrician near you to learn about when you need a replacement and schedule a new meeting.


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