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The Basics of Unified Communications

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Unified communications systems are essential to businesses today, regardless of the business’s size, location, or industry. Picking out the right network management system is hard for any business, given the number of options and system providers, but the task can be especially daunting for small business owners.

The best way to approach this is to start with the basics:

  • Unified communications systems include the equipment, software, and services that are needed to communicate efficiently and safely (usually in the workplace). A unified communications system generally includes security systems and security camera systems, secure network management and VoIP phone systems, and IT business services that facilitate communication.

  • Once upon a time, unified communications were limited to just a few manufacturers and an integrated system capable of handling commercial demands had to purchased from just a limited selection of providers. These days, businesses often integrate normal daily activities, like instant messaging and group video chats, which are often provided on both public and private networks.

  • Although it’s fine to purchase each system separately — e.g., a security system from one company and a video conferencing system from another — more businesses have realized that the best way to integrate various types of communication across multiple platforms and devices is to work through one system.

  • When it comes to picking out a good unified communications system for your own business, it’s important to remember that there isn’t one perfect system that will provide the best communications solutions to every business; there are so many ways to communicate and share information that it’s possible (and pretty easy) to customize a system that will fit your needs and grow with your business.

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