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The Benefits of Domain Name Registration

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Did you know that the most expensive domain name ever sold, for sixteen million dollars, was insure.com? Fortunately, domain name registration will not be nearly this expensive for most businesses and individuals. Many people do not realize that domain names often change hands multiple times, while seemingly staying the same site.

What is the purpose of a domain name? A domain name establishes your site as a unique presence on the internet. It gives your site a recognizable and easy address for web searchers to find. If you host through another website, their web name will often be attached to the end of your site name. The first part of the website, before the period, indicates it is a subdomain of the name following it.

What are the benefits to domain name registration? The advantage is usually for companies and businesses, rather than individuals. If you are running a business or service, your domain name will reflect the professional nature of your company. Predictably, a catchy domain name is more likely to be remembered and revisited than one that is bulky or unmemorable. A domain name is also advantageous for drawing more people to your website, since search engines prefer sites that have their own domain names. Do a domain search to see if the name you prefer is still free and up for grabs.

An important benefit to having a domain name is also that you can do email hosting, and send emails from your domain name. Not only are emails a good way to dealing with customer inquiries and concerns, but your email account will reflect the professional nature of your business by carrying your domain name. Even if you change your web host, your domain registration will stay in your possession.

Individuals often benefit by website hosting because they can reap the benefits of strategically placed ads. Domain name registration of common general searches or common mistypings is a popular way to draw searchers to ads without actually having to host much real content.

Overall, domain name registration is fairly easy and affordable, so there is little reason for businesses and interested individuals not to invest.

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