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The Development Of Sturdy Fracking Containment For American Industries

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Storage is an art form. Food, supplies, oil, water, medicinal resources. They all need to be carefully contained and transported if they’re to avoid perishing and retain the standard quality customers and companies have come to expect. Frac tank containment doesn’t just know it. It sets the bar as high as possible for countless businesses across the country. They can manifest as above ground cistern tanks to custom made storage tanks, staying flexible enough to tackle any issue that’s brought to the table. When you store something, you’re doing more than just putting it somewhere. You’re keeping it as safe as possible.

The United States is very familiar with the art of storage, being a massive country that regularly dips its toes into various industries to both sustain itself nationwide and contribute to worldwide sales. When it comes to oil and gas sales, North American production companies will spend more than a quarter than their counterparts on average. Statistics have seen these numbers rising to near record-breaking levels.

America is a country constantly on the move and it shows in day-to-day estimates. The year 2015 saw Americans consuming an average of 20 million barrels per day of petroleum products. This includes cooking, heating and driving. That’s an estimated total of seven billion barrels throughout the year. Not only is storage necessary to properly maintain and deliver these products, they save money in the long term by reducing spoilage, spillage and product loss.

Water is one of the most commonly stored elements worldwide, despite only 3% of the planet’s water being drinkable or usable. Due to its finicky and flexible properties it needs to have insurmountable storage quality to remain clean no matter what. Frac tank containment is able to change its design from minor to major details to better suit the needs of the business. Although 70% of water in the Marcellus Shale gas country is recycled, for example, the remaining wastewater needs to be properly disposed of.

All in all, the United States sees over 16,000 municipal wastewater treatment facilities in operation as we speak. Centralized wastewater collection and treatment systems serve up to 75% of the entire country’s population. Bolted tank design and custom water storage tanks need to withstand weather changes, temperature drops and remain resistant to common issues such as rust and mold. It’s important to know just what you’re up against when you seek out fracking containment services.

When you seek out a frac tank containment, you’re seeking out a way to take good care of your investment. Over 200 million Americans are actively served by centralized collection systems and large companies are finding out they will be boosting spending on drilling by 60% later this year. When you seek out custom made tanks, you seek out a way to support your environment while supporting your brand. Let bolted steel tank manufacturers help you out on the art of storage.

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