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The FBI is Worried About This and So Should You

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In 2012, the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, said something truly shocking. “Down the road,” he said, “the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country.” Surpassing, he supposes, the dangers of terrorism and drug trafficking, among other pressing issues. This should be cause for concern, especially since it certainly is for the (then) director of the FBI. Even those who doubt the agency’s veracity — which is not uncommon — should take a look at the startling trends. A recent survey issued to cyber security experts, for example, shows that 50% of experts believe that their company will more likely than not be a target for hackers and malware within a year. About two-thirds of them also claim that their company is unprepared for such attackers.

It is not only the private sector this is vulnerable. The U.S. federal government saw a 680% increase in cyber security breaches since 2009! Cyber security is so underdeveloped, it seems, that even the mighty U.S. military isn’t impenetrable. In January, the United States Central Command, one of the largest fighting forces in the world, had its Twitter and YouTube accounts commandeered by what appeared to be hackers sympathetic to the Islamic State. Although the accounts were eventually restored and the military claims that no military data was compromised, the attack is no less frightening to the public at large.

It is for these reasons why setting up proper IT support systems is so vital to American businesses and organizations. Computer services such as computer repair, network repair, and IT management are the cornerstones of any effective and secure IT system. Without it, businesses are vulnerable to malware, hacking, and other digital calamities that can easily jepordize sensitive information — both from the business as well as the customers. By establishing reliable and, more importantly, safe IT support measures, businesses can protect their data and have a certain peace of mind — with or without Mueller’s words.

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