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The US Cloud Services Industry Just Got a Little More Interesting, Thanks to Alibaba

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For a long time, the U.S. cloud computing industry has been dominated by a few important tech companies that are impossibly powerful. Cloud service broker companies have dedicated a large portion of their resources into providing seamless integration of these advanced programs, and customers have religiously integrated these cloud services into every environment possible . From mobile cloud services that assist app developers, to cloud computing programs that provide immense storage space accessible from anywhere in the world, it’s no wonder that the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that public cloud service spending will reach $100 billion by 2016.

Without Amazon Web Services (AWS), Verizon Terremark, IBM SmartCloud, and Google’s Cloud Platform, cloud computing probably wouldn’t exist as we know it today. Cloud service broker companies wouldn’t be able to churn out updates that are so advanced, more than half (52%) of all companies that currently use the cloud are already planning on updating their service plans and 70% of top IT executives make it a priority to be present when those plans are purchased.

But there’s a new e-commerce competitor in town that might just revolutionize the industry again: Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba.

Alibaba has already taken over the cloud computing industry in China, but it recently announced that the company would begin to expand its cloud computing software into the U.S. Alibaba has already partnered with seven tech-based companies for its big move into the U.S., and will likely begin seeking smaller partnerships with cloud service broker companies soon.

According to a June 11 article published on Business Insider, businesses are likely to benefit from Alibaba’s services. Even if American businesses choose to stay with the same programs they’ve been purchasing from cloud broker services for years, Alibaba is already an agile competitor for companies like Google and Amazon; when competition is this fierce, the people (or businesses) purchasing the services are naturally going to benefit from lower prices and better quality services.

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