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Three Facts About Staffing That Employers Should Remember

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It’s extremely important that companies not only have the employees that they need, but employees that are both satisfied with their work and good at it. For that matter, people will be able to do better jobs if they are actually happy with the their positions, wages, and benefits. An unhappy employee is usually a bad one, and if a company has enough poor employees it will usually end up experiencing much greater issues down the road. Sometimes, tough choices have to made — whether this means restructuring or looking into letting go of or replacing certain employees. An executive cannot make all of these decisions on his own her own — this is what human resources professionals are for. Executive HR search firms can help companies find the employees they need. Often, this can go hand in hand with hiring a restructuring consultant. Using executive HR search firms has helped some companies come back from the brink of disaster, and their benefits cannot be undervalued. HR consulting firms can help people make hard decisions, and for that matter change the way that their companies operate entirely — for the better. Let’s look into some of the biggest issues that companies face in regards to employees — issues that executive HR search firms can assist with.

1. Retention

Retention is a problem for most companies, and it often starts just when the employees are first hired. The fact is that many people take jobs without intending to stay; and while this is perhaps morally wrong of them, it’s also a mistake on the company’s part to hire them in the first place. A good recruiter will be more thorough about ensuring that an employee hired is an employee for the long term — while this can never be guaranteed, there are ways of being more certain, and retention needs to be prioritized. Presently, 57% of employees view retention as a major problem, and with good reason. It’s estimated that 22% of new hires leave their position within 45 days of being hired. Now, it’s not always the new hire’s decision to leave. Temperament issues and poor performance are among the reasons why new hires leave so quickly. Executive HR search firms can design programs that better field new hires, and for that matter let them know what they’re getting into regarding their new jobs. Studies have shown that if new hires undergo a structured on-boarding program, 58% are more likely to be with the company after three years. The longer an employee stays, the less employers will have to worry about new employee acquisition, and the more smoothly the company will run.

2. Salaries

Salaries can awkward for people to discuss — and it’s up for executives to decide what salaries are fair, what can be offered, and what the company can afford in general. Of course, another issue is that often, companies find that employees want to renegotiate their salaries after years at a company. Human resources should be turned to under these circumstances. Otherwise, personal feelings can be “hurt” whether people intend it or not, leading to strife in the workplace. Furthermore, if salaries are not competitive, then companies will have staffing issues in the future. In June 2015, 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs. This is up by 25% in comparison to two years prior. The issue of salary is important to everyone — as important as it is to executive, it might be even more important to their employees.

3. Diversity

Diversity at the workplace is not simply a gesture of goodwill that will make employees feel more comfortable. It also genuinely stimulates companies, making them much stronger than they would have been otherwise. This is not idealistic thinking, but proven through research. Studies have shown that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers. Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same. With these facts in mind, companies should make diversity a priority.

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