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Three Things To Consider Before Picking Out a Pharmacy

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When you’re in a rush, or maybe just in an unfamiliar part of the city, and you need to have a prescription filled right away, you probably don’t put too much priority on going to your regular pharmacy — you just need to get that medication ASAP, and it really doesn’t matter who fills it. But the rest of the time, you probably have one or two pharmacies that you regularly visit, whether or not you consciously do so.

Having “your own” pharmacy can definitely be beneficial — the pharmacists will learn your name and be able to provide even better medical care, you’ll learn where all the products are located, and you’ll feel comfortable asking questions about any medical issue. Here are just a few other factors to consider when picking out a new pharmacy:

  • Accessibility: The location and the hours of operation tend to be two of the most important factors here. Maybe you need a pharmacy close to your workplace, or maybe you’d prefer having one right near your doctor’s office. Additionally, most pharmacies operate during normal business hours, but there are plenty of pharmacies that have extended evening hours or are open 24 hours per day; if your schedule tends to be a little hectic, having a flexible pharmacy is invaluable.

  • Staff: You definitely want to find a pharmacy with knowledgeable staff, but you also want to feel comfortable with them. It’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable asking certain medical questions (especially when asking a stranger), but a good pharmacist will make you feel relaxed and will be professional in every way, reassuring you that your concerns are valid and confidential.

  • Benefits: Most pharmacies in big chain stores have complicated retail pharmacy POS systems that can quickly and easily handle rewards programs, but many smaller independent pharmacies have begun developing customer rewards programs as well, thanks to newer pharmacy POS systems that are both affordable and convenient. These programs may be a lot simpler than what you’d find in a chain store, but they can provide just as much savings.

Now it’s your turn to contribute — what are your biggest concerns when picking out a pharmacy? What factors are most important, and what would turn you away? We’d love you hear any comments or questions you may have! Get more on this here.

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