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Three Things Your Company’s Website Just Has to Have

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You are a small business and you have a website. Good for you; you’ve entered the 21st Century. You might have also realized that computer software companies that are involved in backend layouts and platforms for your website are hard at work bringing more website security solutions to your business.

In addition to quality backend development, web development software brings your company’s website to life. In today’s marketplace, your website is where many of your customers will get to know you and, at the very least, become introduced to your company and what it is that you do. As you look at your company’s website, make sure that it is armed with at least these three things. They are attributes that your business’s website just has to have.

1.) An attractive homepage

Before anything else, your company’s website should have an attractive home page. Whatever URL you have chosen should lead prospects to your website. When your prospective customers or clients get to your website, your home page will have 50 milliseconds in which to make an impression. That is the time it takes for people to decide on whether or not they want to go any further. If you can hold their attention initially, you have about ten seconds to let your prospects know what you can do for them. If your home page does not capture them, you will lose them almost instantly.

2.) A roadmap with some speed

A solid website is definitely aesthetically pleasing, but it has to be functional. If your website does not load within two seconds, 47% of users said they are not getting what they expect. Web development software that performs well will be the key to how your site functions for its users. Make sure that the roadmap of your site is easy for users to follow. You want people to find what it is that they are looking for in the shortest possible time. Making things too complicated will only frustrate your visitors and you will lose them to your competition.

3.) Crucial business information and your contact info

Web development software professionals will tell you to put information on your site that is crucial to your doing business. Be succinct in your descriptions and don’t overwhelm visitors with too much. A few specific pictures can be helpful and, most importantly, make sure you include your contact information. To have a website without your contact information is to turn on a strobe light in the middle of the desert and the walk away from it. Your prospects and potential clients have found you, now, how do they get a hold of you?

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