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Three Tips for a Better Business Approach to Technology

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Did you know that, according to a recent survey of small businesses, companies spend an average of about $192,000 a year on technology? For most, this represents a substantial financial investment. The number of options when it comes to technology can often feel overwhelming to business owners trying to figure out what they need next. What’s the best investment for someone’s money? Here are a few technological additions that often help businesses make more money that are worth considering.

1. Tablets

At one point, tablets were an experimental part of new sales offerings. Today, they’re a more standard offering at restaurants around the country. Tablets can help improve everything from the process of gathering and analyzing resumes for new employees, to managing and ordering new inventory. Tablets can also be used to enhance the customer experience and to help augment care in the case of limited on-site staff.

2. Cloud Technology

Cloud computing solutions can be a great boon for companies looking to improve their offerings. Why? Cloud solutions allow companies to keep their data all in one place. As a storage solution, it can provide significant help for cutting down on day-to-day storage costs, as well as eliminating the need for physical space to store hardware. Cloud computing is also a system that allows for better communication among those who use it, enabling people to update and save documents in real time.

3. Automating Everyday Tasks

Did you know that you can automatically fold envelopes? Think about how many menial tasks you might have employees doing that you could, instead, get a machine to do. This frees employees up to work on more important tasks for the advancement of your company. You would probably be surprised at the scope of how many tasks can actually be automated — even stuffing paper into envelopes can be done hundreds at a time with just the push of a button.

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