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Three Tips to Help Companies Make the Most of Their Websites

How to market your website online

Many companies understand the importance of having a website for their business today. Often times, this is how new customers will discover a company, and it is where established customers go to find out more information. Without a website, a company is missing out on an important segment of the market, and they could potentially lose customers. While having a website is important, having a good site is also essential. Almost 65% of online shoppers will leave a website if they aren’t happy with it. Professional website design and development is critical for a company in order to retain its current customers and attract new ones. Here are some helpful tips on website design to help a company make the most of their website:

  1. Make it Easy to Read – Style and design are two important concepts that need to be considered when creating a website. A big part of this is deciding on the size, style and color of the font, as well as the color of the background. The font needs to be easy to read, otherwise customers will go to a competitors’ site. This means that the font and background colors should contrast each other, the style of the font should be easy to read and the size should be big enough to be seen, but not so big that it is obnoxious. Sticking to simple fonts and colors is always a good idea.
  2. Include Important Information – One of the most annoying things for an online shopper is not being able to find the information they are looking for on a website. When it is hard to find information, customers will get frustrated and are more likely to take their business elsewhere. Things like company contact information, location and store hours are all essential components. For companies that sell products online, it is also helpful to allow customers to type in a search item to find things instead of having to call the company to ask. The easier a company makes its website to navigate, the more likely they are to retain and attract customers.
  3. Make it Unique – One of the most important parts in the professional website design and development process is creating the overall design of the website. A website should look professional and appropriate for the nature of the business, but it also needs to stand apart from competitors’ sites. It is always a good idea to take a look at competitors’ websites to see what does and doesn’t work well. Including creative graphic design ideas can also help a website stand apart from the rest.

These tips can help a company ensure that it has a website that is both professional and user-friendly. For companies that do not have professional website design and development capabilities onsite, digital marketing companies can tackle the project for them. More on this topic.

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